Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunrise soak / Morning thaw

We have enjoyed our wooden hot tub since December 2008, but admittedly, not often enough. After a windy night and a long work week, the lure of soothing cedar-scented water helped us overcome the gravitational pull of our comfy couch and large TV. (House Hunters International: "Have we seen Nicaragua?" "Um, yes we have." "France?" "Yup.") The air was still, the lake was frozen and the water was a perfect 98 degrees F. Great setting for a 40-minute soak!

Seductive steam on Saturday morning.

A view across the hot tub to the frozen lake.

Matt watches the sun paint the sky.

Here comes the sun!

Sunday's sunrise reveals a surprise:
The lake has mostly thawed. 

The air is above freezing, at 35 degrees F.

A lovely January morning!
Time for breakfast.

And ready for the day and week ahead.


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